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At Pristine Jewel, each piece of jewelry holds a special story, from decades of love to memorable milestones. But as time passes, these treasures often fade into obscurity. That's why we believe in giving them new life, transforming them into fresh, everyday pieces that carry the weight of cherished memories. With repurposed jewelry from Pristine Jewel, you not only honor the past but also celebrate new beginnings, carrying a piece of history with you wherever you go.

1. Consultation

In our first meeting, whether it's online or face-to-face, we talk about your ideas and the jewelry you want to bring back to life. We'll chat about your budget, what you're hoping for, and how we'll work together. If we agree to go ahead, you'll need to put down a $500 deposit. It's non-refundable, but we'll use it towards your final bill when everything's done.

2. Evaluation

We carefully take apart the jewelry you want to bring back to life, separating the gemstones from their settings. This helps us see the size and quality of the gemstones more clearly for designing something new. You can also choose to sell any old metal for cash, which we'll deduct from your project's final cost. We can give you a list of refiners we trust, and you can go to them yourself or let us handle it for you. This service is free when you work with us, with a few conditions.

3. Visualization

We use your gemstones and add more if necessary to create design concepts based on our discussions. These concepts are turned into detailed CAD renderings. Before we make the final piece, we'll show you a 3D model so you can check every detail and make sure it matches what you want.

4. Production

In the heart of New York City, we gather and create each piece, guaranteeing that your jewelry is crafted locally and never sent overseas for production. We're committed to a hands-on process, working closely with top professionals in the industry.

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For any general inquiries or questions on any of our jewelry items, or if you have any special request or would like to inquire about your order status, please email us at and give us your number and let us know in brief so we may call you back within 24hrs. Our jewelry consultants and customer service team are happy to help you.

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